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Sizzling Sisig


Half Tray: Pork liver and parts in a creamy and savory sauce

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Size: Half Tray

One of the most well-loved and known Filipino dishes is Sizzling Sisig! It’s a delicious mixture of savory, sour, spicy, slightly sweet, and more. Although it is a dish not a lot of people will like in the beginning, it is definitely a dish trying out at least once. Sisig is a dish made from pork innards like liver, chopped into small chunks. The sisig first boiled till tender. After, it is sautéed with hot oil mixed with onions, chili peppers, lemon juice, and other seasonings for a delicious crisp. Finally, mayonnaise is added for a creamy and rich taste. It is sizzling because the sisig is served on a sizzling hot metal plate to keep its heat. A raw egg is sometimes served on top and then will cook as you mix the dish. Order for your next catering event and wow your guests with this dish bursting with flavor. Whatever Filipino food you’re craving, do not skip out on Filipino Sizzling Sisig!


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