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Sitaw at Kalabasa


String beans and squash cooked in coconut milk



Sitaw at Kalabasa, a creamy, hearty vegetable stew great for a light yet filling meal. Garlic and onion is first sautéed in oil, with fish sauce to add some saltiness. Coconut milk is added and chilis are optional for a bit of kick. Finally, kalabasa or squash as well as the sitaw or green beans are added and simmered to soften. Shrimp is added if the protein is requested and the sauce is simmered till thick. The sweetness of the pumpkin/squash and the savoriness of the soup make this a beautiful combination. And the added shrimp gives even more richness and depth. Paired with rice to soak up the sauce, Sitaw at Kalabasa is a great addition to your warm comfort foods.


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