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Poolee noodles with smoked fish flakes and pork in a thick sauce



Probably one of the most famous Filipino dishes, especially if you’ve ever eaten at Jollibee, Palabok is a savory noodle dish that will satisfy your hunger! Palabok is a noodle dish that is usually cooked for special events like birthdays or holidays. It is rice noodles mixed in with a beautiful rich yellow savory sauce with protein, eggs, scallion, and fried garlic. The star of the show is the sauce, usually made from shrimp mixed in with annatto, broth, fish sauce, and other flavorful seasonings. Proteins like shrimp or meats like pork are just cooked in oil for max flavor. It is one of the most savory and flavorful Filipino noodles dishes, and is highly recommended by us at Kanto Grill. If you’re unsure what noodle dish to get, we definitely recommend this as a starter for its flavor-packed combo, and its symbolism to Filipino cuisine. Try it out now!


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