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Maja Blanca (Corn Coconut Pudding)


Half Tray: Corn and coconut pudding

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Size: Half Tray

Maja Blanca is a sweet, light, and refreshing coconut dessert! Incredibly easy to make and simple in flavors, this dish is perfect to cater for your next dinner party or event. Simply, coconut milk, condensed milk, sugar, and corn are stirred and simmered. Fresh milk and cornstarch are then added to the mixture creating a thick consistency like pudding. The mixture is then laid into a tray, and refrigerated to cool. And out comes a bouncy, light, and sweet Maja Blanca. Beautiful in color and bold in flavors, even the pickiest of eaters will love this dessert. If you don’t know what to serve your guests for the hot summer nights, try this out. We guarantee they’ll love it!


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