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Leche Flan


Egg Custard w/ caramel sauce



Satisfy your sweet tooth with Leche Flan, a take on Spanish Flan. Filipino Leche Flan is a sweet, dessert custard with melted caramel sauce drizzled on top. It is a great filling dessert or snack even for its simplicity and long shelf life. It’s incredibly creamy, and a star dessert during holidays and special occasions. Egg yolks, condensed milk, regular milk and vanilla are all combined to create a smooth liquid. Sugar is then melted onto the flan mold and once it turns into caramel, the liquid is poured into the mold. After, the dessert is steamed for about thirty minutes and it is ready to eat! It’s usually eaten cold, rather than hot so that the flan is slightly bouncy when cold, but once you eat this dessert, you won’t want to stop! Try it out now, it’s one of the most popular Filipino desserts out there.


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