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Ginataang na Bilo-Bilo


Glutinous rice balls w/ plantains, tapioca, yam and jackfruit



Sweeten your soup game with Ginataan na Bilo-Bilo, a Filipino snack dish. Translated to coconut-simmered balls, it is composed of glutinous rice balls and other sweet treats like sugar, tapioca pearls, and jackfruit. Bilo-bilo or glutinous rice balls can be made at home, or bought at a store, but the recipe is incredibly simple. To make the dish, you boil water and coconut milk. After, sugar and jackfruit is added releasing its flavors. Sometimes, bananas and sweet potatoes are added for more sweetness. Once the are soft, bilo-bilo and the tapioca pearls are added. Out comes a sweet and thick sweet snack that is great eaten hot or cold. Eat it as a snack, for breakfast, for dessert, etc. It’s a versatile dessert eaten anytime and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!


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