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Crispy Pata


Deep-fried crispy pork knuckles
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Crispy Pata is one of those Filipino dishes that all the locals love and recommend to many other people. Crispy Pata or pork legs is a popular deep-fried Filipino dish. Pork legs or knuckles, both are used interchangeably, are first boiled for about an hour with seasonings for extra flavor, and to tenderize the meat. It is then transferred to a deep-fryer or pot of oil to deep-fry until it is golden-brown and very crispy. It can be served with rice for a very filling dinner or alone as a snack. It is actually also a very popular side dish when served with alcohol and makes a great party time food. We highly recommend it with spicy/sweet vinegar for an extra kick. If you’re daring to try something new, our Crispy Pata is one food you’ll definitely obsess over!


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