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Ampalaya with Shrimp


Half Tray: Sauteed bitter melon with shrimp

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Size: Half Tray

Ginisang Ampalaya or sautéed bitter melon is definitely not an easy dish to handle. The taste of this dish is definitely acquired, which is why older individuals tend to like it more than younger audiences. Though, it is incredibly healthy and regarded as one of the healthiest dishes out there. Simply, strips of bitter melon are sautéed with garlic, onion and tomatoes until fragrant. Salt, pepper, and eggs are added in for more flavor and richness to the meal, and then just shrimp. Serve with rice and you have yourself a filling, light, and incredibly healthy meal. The bitterness of this Ginasang Ampalaya can take some getting used to, but we guarantee that if your guests are not afraid to try new things and this dish fits their fancy – their tastebuds will crave more!


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