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Kanto Grill proudly serves authentic Filipino cuisine from many different regions, delivering the rich culture of the island of the Philippines. We cook and serve family recipes passed down from generation to generation, bringing you the true flavors of Filipino cooking.

We source ingredients from local markets/butchers so you always know your food is fresh and tasty! Order now, or call/email us if you have any questions.

*Due to limited ingredients, some dishes may be out-of-stock on certain days. Before ordering online, please call or email us to confirm if we have the dish available for you!*


Lumpia Shanghai
Deep-fried spring roll filled with ground pork and vegetables
Chicharon Bulaklak
Crispy deep-fried ruffled fat
Kilawin Tanigue
Fish Ceviche with vinegar, red onion, red pepper, and ginger
Lumpia Gulay
Deep-fried vegetarian spring rolls with vegetables
Tokwa’t Baboy
Tofu and Pork braised in vinegar, soy sauce, and peppers
Lumpia Sariwa
Chicken and veggies in a thin egg crepe with peanut...
Arroz Caldo
Rice congee with chicken or beef and eggs


Cured beef served with fried rice and eggs
Homemade sweet sausage served with fried rice and eggs
Fried milkfish served with fried rice and eggs
Filipino cured pork bacon served with fried rice and eggs
Garlic fried rice and eggs


Noodles with ground pork in a sweet tomato sauce with...
Miki noodles with pork, shrimp or chicken, with vegetables
Poolee noodles with smoked fish flakes and pork in a...
Pancit Bihon
Rice noodles with pork, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables
Miki Bihon
Mixed rice/egg noodles with pork, chicken, and vegetables
Egg noodles with pork, chicken, shrimp, and veggies in a...

Beef/Goat served with White Rice

Kaldereta Baka
Beef stew with vegetables
Kare Kare
Oxtail, tripe, and vegetables in a peanut butter sauce

Pork served with White Rice

Pork Adobo
Pork cooked in soy sauce and vinegar
Bicol Express
Pork braised in coconut milk with chilis
Lechon Kawali
Crispy deep-fried pork belly
Lechon Paksiw
Pork belly cooked in a sweet/sour sauce
Pork blood stew
Pork w/ vegetables and plantains in a tomato sauce
Pork BBQ Sticks
2 Pieces Grilled Marinated Pork BBQ Sticks
Crispy Pata
Deep-fried crispy pork knuckles *Note: Price might vary based on...
Sizzling Sisig
Pork liver and parts in a creamy and savory sauce
Pork sauteed in tomato sauce with potatoes and carrots

Chicken served with White Rice

Chicken Adobo
Chicken legs/wings cooked in soy sauce and vinegar
Chicken BBQ Sticks
2 Pieces Grilled Marinated Chicken BBQ Sticks
Ginataang Manok
Chicken w/papayas braised in coconut milk

Fish/Seafood served with White Rice

Fried Fish
Fried Tilapia/Galungong/Red Snapper (call for pricing) *Note: Seasonal Dish
Grilled Fish
Tilapia/Pampano/Galungong/Tuna (call for pricing) *Note: Seasonal Dish
Adobong Pusit
Squid cooked with soy sauce and vinegar
Ginataang Isda
Tilapia/tuna cooked in a coconut milk (call for pricing) *Note:...
Daing na Bangus
Fried milk-fish (call for pricing) *Note: Seasonal Dish
Sweet and Sour Fish
Red Snapper/Tilapia cooked in sweet and sour sauce (call for...

Vegetables served with White Rice

Sauteed mixed vegetables with choice of protein
Sauteed vegetables and pork belly in shrimp paste
Tortang Talong
Eggplant Omelette. 2 pieces.
Dried taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and shrimp paste
Mongo bean soup with pork
Sitaw at Kalabasa
String beans and squash cooked in coconut milk
Ginisang Ampalaya
Sauteed bitter melon

Soups served with White Rice

Chicken soup
Beef Shank Soup
Sinigang na Isda
Fish w/vegetables cooked in tamarind soup *Note: Seasonal Dish
Sinigang na Hipon
Shrimp w/ vegetables cooked in tamarind soup
Sinigang na Baboy
Pork w/ vegetables cooked in tamarind soup
Nilagang Baka
Beef soup with vegetables


Leche Flan
Egg Custard w/ caramel sauce
Sago at Gulaman
Tapioca Pearl and jelly In brown sugar syrup water
Halo Halo
Mixed shaved ice sundae
Fried sweet plantain and jackfruit spring roll
Ginataang na Bilo-Bilo
Glutinous rice balls w/ plantains, tapioca, yam and jackfruit